Tuesday, March 25, 2008

HOW TO: Cook With Curry Sauce And Have Mad Style

Now that your here, just watch and take notes.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

HOW TO: Make Your School Papers Longer Without Messing With Margins

Everyone hates to sit down and crank out a 15 page paper on a subject they can only write 10 pages about. You could change the font size from 12pt to 13pt, but thats mad obvious. You can play with the margins a bit and bring em in just a tidge, but thats a freaken bulls eye. Here i have for you the secret that has got me through many many college papers. It has a the ability to change a 10 pager into a 15, without being detected by the human eye. Ready? here we go.

(this works with microsoft word, i don't know about macs)

After you have written all you can, go to file and select all, or just highlight the entire text. If your using an older version, go to file, and then find. If your using 07 or newer, on the home tab go over to the right and click find. Go to the replace tab and place a period in the find what box, yes the things after your sentences. In the replace box place another period but highlight this one. Hit the button "more" at the bottom of the find tab, hit format, and the font. Choose font size 14pt and hit ok. Hit the button "replace all" and your done all periods in your paper go from 12pt to 14pt and are undetectable. If you have a few hundred periods in your paper, it will add an average of 3-4 pages. Trust me this works try it your self, take a paper you have written and see what it adds. It can help you out when you need that extra time for beer and woman.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

HOW TO: Fight A Drunk Person

Every one knows about "that guy" yeah its the drunk retard that cant handle his liquor and believes he can fight every one. He takes off his shirt when he feels threatened, and proceeds to raise his hands, shouting and cussing about. He may or may not hold his Molson Gold like a knife, maybe even throw it kind of near you. The point is, if he gets up on you what are you going to do? I say beat his ass.

Drunk Man Is Coming At You:

This one is very simple. As the assailant comes at you, kick him in the stomach. If your dirty or weak and i don't recommend it as a man, kick him where it counts, "nuts anybody?" Point is you want him to bend over making a 90 degree angle. Grab the back of his head, and bring your knee up to his chin. Try to hit the chin at an angle because if you move it, it's lights out instantly. At this point leave the party, it's not cool to hang around.

Drunk Man Is In Your Face:

This one is a little more tricky because the assailant is already in arms length of you. The key here is to really watch his shoulders, not his face. When he goes to throw a punch, the shoulder will move long before the fist can make contact. Block the punch by moving into the assailant, and raising your arm that matches his punch. At this point your hands will naturally end up on his shoulders, pull in and head-butt him. Make sure you hit him with the front crown of your head, not your forehead. If you hit him with your forehead, its gonna hurt.

So there you go this is an easy way to protect your self from "that guy." Trust me i'm not a guy that loves to fight, but it will and does happen. So hey why not protect yourself. 9 out of 10 times, that drunk guy has been "that guy" before so he might deserve whats coming.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

HOW TO: Master The Zippo Lighter

All i have to do is say the name and you know what i'm talking about. Yup, its that little metal lighter that has every emblem from a naked woman to a marijuana leaf etched on the sides. Not only is it a refillable lighter, but it also has a flipping lid allowing us, the bored to flip and twirl it this way and that. Now trust me, most of these Zippo tricks are very freaken hard, so take your time. What i use to do, is just carry around my Zippo every where i went, this way when i was bored i just played with it. Great for passing time in the back of class, or while at the movies with the girlfriend, not good movies, bad ones. So any way take a peek at this videos and get prepared to hit rewind, a lot.